This is my new stomping ground online. I had an old site that I created about 10 years ago when I understood a lot less about the internet and social media. I also had a lot less time. I just imported a number of posts from that old blogger site to this new one.  Some go all the way back to 2007. W.O.W.

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I am always working on a million things, it seems. So here is one more.

Who am I? That is a big question, certainly too large for anything so small as a web page.  But there are some things about my life that may interest you.

I worked in EMS from 1993-2006. I was a paramedic, and actually still am. I’m not an ambulance driver. Left that to avoid burnout and pursue other interests, including the work of a pastor. I have “officially” studied fire fighting, paramedic science, PA school prerequisites (finished but didn’t go to PA School), Organizational Leadership (BS), and Pastoral Ministry.  For a while I taught at a private community college in their health science department and loved it. Maybe I will do something like that in the future. I am now in Fresno pastoring a church that we planted in 2009. Free Grace Church. Grace is free, even though we are constantly trying to barter for it. I love what I get to do, even though it is the hardest thing I have ever done. And I have done a lot of hard stuff.

I love woodworking and created a site to share this with friends.

I love to read and study…. a lot… especially audio books. I read 47 audiobooks last year (2014). I listen a lot in the car.  A 20 minute drive to and from places adds up quickly, especially if you are doing it every day.  I get most of my books from:

  •, I have a subscription that I exhaust quickly. They will often have specials, like 3 books for $35.  This seems expensive, but I just resigned myself that the $300 or so I spend each year is worth it to be a readiness.
  • Overdrive. The overdrive app is great because it allows you to check out electronic media from your local library for free. Since audiobooks are expensive, this is a great help.
  • also has a monthly free book and some good sales and specials.

I also read a lot on my kindle app for the iPad, paper books, and then I use Evernote to help me annotate articles I find on the internet.  Honestly, I am not sure how I survived before Evernote.

Header photo courtesy of DC John. Cropped. Some rights reserved.

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