Here are some sites I peruse now and again to feed my mind. In no particular order

The Public Discourse– academic writing on cultural issues like marriage, sex, etc. Includes a strong philosophical awareness and a variety of contributors. Conservative perspective with Christian awareness. But definitely discussing issues beyond church teaching.

Arts and letters daily– an interesting place to find links to fascinating articles about the world of art and writing.

Religion News Service- A variety of write ups on news relevant to religion in the US and world today.

The Curious Wavefunction- musings on science and philosophy from Scientific American. This is a nice because often scientists don’t understand their own philosophy and how it drives what they do.

Seth Godin.  I have read several of his books. Right now I am finishing Linchpin. Great stuff. He has a different angle on life and organizational thinking that I find helpful. He has a free class on that he offers on podcast for free that I enjoyed. He gives a lot of stuff away for free or at low cost. I also get his blog via email. He is the master of the short blog.

Margaret Wente- The Globe and Mail. A columnist I came across. I read several refreshing articles and found her stuff to be helpful. This is her page.

Real Clear Politics– a site that lists leading news analysis from both sides of the political spectrum. It is a good place to find articles that will give you a variety of opinions. This is a good place to find essays and journalism from all sides of the spectrum on news and cultural issues.

The Atlantic– a liberal source for news and analysis that is more educated than average stuff.  Some great and interesting write ups, but often frustrating because of the rabid ideology.

Mashable– news and analysis with a focus on technology

The Big Picture- Boston Globe a fun place to see the leading photo journalism. It is especially nice to see large collections on various themes.

Scientific American– write ups on science.

The New Yorker-interesting news and culture from NY elite, mostly liberal.

The Federalist- Interesting news and commentary from a conservative view point. Again, this is an ideological site, but some worthwhile things


The Big Picture– this site from the Boston Globe is a fun place to see some of the best photo journalism in the world. organized by events/themes it is fun to visit every once in a while. You get to virtually tour the world when you wade through this site.



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