New CD

I am listening to the new Caedmon’s Call CD (Overdressed) that just came out a couple of months ago. It is wonderful. In my opinion this group is treasure. They are a folk band that sings Christian music, but there is so much more here. They have a long history of turning out consistently enjoyable music. They sing about Jesus, and the excellencies of God. But they also sing about common stuff such as “bus drivers”, families, single guys and their struggles, San Francisco, etc. So many groups fall into the dreadful trap that makes every song sound exactly the same. I love that this group has escaped that dismal position. While they have a distinct modern folk sound, they also have a lot of unique songs and variety within that genre. Also, they have great poetry for lyrics, thoughtful, beautiful, and true. No stupid Shania Twain songs here.

They are strong on acoustic guitar in their music. But they have several percussionists, a piano player, and great vocals. Some of their rhythm work is very complicated. If you have good speakers and listen closely you will hear some amazing complexity in the music. They have consistently great vocals, and several in the band can really sing. I am addicted!

On this album the song “there is a reason” is a great look at how we can trust in God’s promises when we don’t understand the confusing world around us. It is loosely from Ecclesiastes 3, “in everything there is a season” (which even the chorus is sort of a play on that: season/reason, I saw that just now as I was writing this)

I was overcome with gratitude and wept after listening to “love grows love” this is a great family/love song.

“Share the Blame” is a unique song that calls everyone to take their share of responsibility for the bad things in the world and our life. Guys like me would just say, that’s your fault, don’t blame everyone else for your screwed up life. The Lyrics in this one are a much more beautiful way to say it. “hold up the mirror and share the blame”

You can buy them on itunes or check out their website:

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