Get More Out Of Reading the Bible

I have it from reliable sources that occasionally women will go shopping for clothes and spend several hours at a store, and try on clothes, and go to another store, and try on some more clothes, and then leave the store, and come home with nothing. This is puzzling to me…but the same thing often happens to me when I read my Bible. I read and read and finish, and come away with nothing.

A friend of mine-Mike Mills, also one of the most faithful Bible readers I know- put together this set of questions to make your window shopping in scripture a little more profitable. The idea is to spend time thinking about what you are reading and ask several questions that will help you nourish your soul. Here are the questions, I just put them in mnemonic form. According to my wife I am pathological about that 🙂 The pdf document is below. I am using this as a companion for my own Bible reading.

1. Is there a promise from God?
2. Is there an example to follow?
3. Is there a truth I am called to believe?
4. Is there a sin to confess?
5. Is there a command to obey?
6. Is there a new thought about God?
7. Is there an error to avoid?

Questions for Bible Reading PET CONE.pdf

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