Thoughts on Goals

“If a man does not know to which port he is sailing, no wind is favorable.” -Seneca


Here is a good guide for evaluating and creating goals. NO, I did not arrange this acronym. But there must be some great minds in the world that love them more than I do 🙂

There are a few different versions of this idea, this one is from the University of Arizona.

S: Specific– an observable action, behavior or achievement, linked to a rate, number, % or frequency;

M: Measurable- a way to track and record the behavior or action;

A: Achievable– learners will be able to reach the objective in time allowed. [me-others suggest that the goal should also be challenging].

R: Relevant– objective is something the learner can impact on and change; they need the necessary knowledge, authority and skill required. [I would add, related to your mission and purpose].

T: Time-based – There must be a clear start and finish time or date.

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