Expelled: Go See The Movie

I spent $40 to take my family to see the movie “Expelled.” I am glad I did. My 9 year old fell asleep ( no big surprise) but the rest of us enjoyed it. The movie is a refreshing view of the current culture war between those who have the reigns of power and those who believe. The movie is about academic freedom, and how Darwinists oppose it. It is also about the intellectual dishonesty, logical fallacies (in their own words, as they were interviewed), and hatred expressed by those in the scientific establishment. We had a great time, and engaging discussion as a family. This movie is not going to save the world. In my opinion ID (Intelligent Design) is too weak and generic to be of lasting spiritual benefit. However, it acknowledges what scripture teaches, that the created order reveals the wisdom and power of God. This movie blindsides the opposition and may leave an open door for Christians to speak the truth.

My wife would like to say: GO SEE IT!!!!

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