The Hard Road

I get prayer emails from Johnny Farese. He is a quadriplegic who serves the Lord from his bed. you should visit his site, to hear the whole story.

You can listen to some of his story below:

He sent this quote the other day:

“In the world ye shall have tribulation.”
— John 16:33

“There are some among us teaching there will be no tribulation, that the Christians will be able to escape all this. These are the false teachers that Jesus was warning us to expect in the latter days. Most of them have little knowledge of what is already going on across the world. I have been in countries where the saints are already suffering terrible persecution. In China, the Christians were told, “Don’t worry, before the tribulation comes you will be translated – raptured.” Then came a terrible persecution. Millions of Christians were tortured to death. Later I heard a Bishop from China say, sadly, “We have failed. We should have made the people strong for persecution rather than telling them Jesus would come first. Tell the people how to be strong in times of persecution, how to stand when the tribulation comes – to stand and not faint.”

Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom was a dutch christian who was sent to a concentration camp in WWII for helping Jews to hide. Her sister and father died while imprisoned. She knows something of what it means to suffer for her faith in Jesus.

3 thoughts on “The Hard Road

  1. Great post, Dad. I would absolutely recommend Corrie ten Boom’s book <>The Hiding Place<> to anyone. It is an amazing story of courage and faith. I think God has really used her story to open my eyes to how He works through the smallest details and how you can see Him work in every situation.More and more I am reminded of how powerful and faithful Jesus is. As well as how approachable He is. There is no excuse for not trusting Him!

  2. I am taking students to the Netherlands this summer. We will visit Anne Frank’s home, but will miss Ten Boom’s home, unfortunately (if there is a home you can visit).Pat

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