What to Preach?

I know that so many around the world have been waiting on pins and needles, pacing in restlessness wondering what I will be preaching when I get to Fresno. Well, pant no more! I am going preach one of the gospels: either Mark or John. I chose this because I believe that the foundation of the church is the historical events of the life of Christ. The gospel is basically “NEWS” of what God has done to reconcile the world to himself. It is NOT primarily advice to follow, but truth to believe. I was convinced to take this path, at least in part by Tim Keller’s message on the implications of the gospel for ministry. You can get it from the Gospel Coalition

BTW, I think the picture above is just fabulous. I don’t know what the sculptor had in mind- but I find this to be a great visual of what Biblical preaching should be: a chance for us to point all men, again and again, to the truth.

One thought on “What to Preach?

  1. I await on pins and noodles! I must admit I have a preference for the Gospel of John, but the principle you have stated about the foundation of the church is of foremost importnace, no matter which book you choose.Pat

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