Book: Agape Leadership

I have recently been reading the book “Agape Leadership” by Robert Peterson and Alexander Strauch. It is a short book of about 80 pages which walks through the life of Pastor R.C. Chapman, a brethren pastor from England in the 19th century. Besides having a picture of Chapman with a cool beard, the cover of the book comes with its own commendation: C. H. Spurgeon said of Chapman, “The saintliest man I ever knew.” That is high praise coming from the Prince of Preachers. If that is how Spurgeon felt about this man, I think I want to know something about him. The book is easy to read and has a devotional quality about it. Each chapter/vingette of his life is arranged topically and addresses topics such as gentleness, hospitality, evangelism, and how he worked with and trained up other Christian leaders. The book has been a continual refreshment, challenging me and making me thirst for a much deeper experience of God’s grace in the details of my life. If the book has any significant faults it is probably that it doesn’t identify any of Chapman’s shortcomings. He obviously had some, but it is hard to imagine what they might have been. The man was truly like Jesus and I have benefitted in reading this book and discussing it with a brother from Church. I enjoyed it so much that a bought a bunch of copies to give to others. After reading this book, I can’t help but wonder where the modern Chapman’s have gone. I know that I want to be like this man because he was very simply, very humbly like Christ.

You can get it on Amazon.

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