Need Help in Fresno?

I found out about “Need Help Now” through a friend. I browsed through the newspaper format and found information about all kinds of help for people in the midst of a crisis. I was surprised, and delighted, to find out that this magazine is the result of the loving labors of a couple of Christian men who want help people in need. Their website describes the touching story behind this idea. I wanted to learn more about this ministry and spoke with James Carrasco, one of the operators for this ministry. James was truly pleasant and I came away with the impression that these men feel very strongly about what they are doing. They do not want hurting people to suffer through a crisis when there are dozens of willing organizations standing in the wings waiting to help, but often unused because people do not know where to turn.

In many ways, “Need Help Now” is like a small phone book containing information about services for people with problems. Because of this perspective, this resource contains information about help offered from government, nongovernment, and faith-based groups. This little newspaper provides a “one-stop-shopping” place for resources. Best of all, it is free. Dale, Frances, and James provide this service out of love. They know what it is like to be in a desperate situation with no place to turn, and they do not want others to face that darkness.

“Need Help Now” provides information about resources for homelessness, food pantries, addictions, crime victims, rape, suicide hotlines, etc. Before becoming a pastor I worked as a Paramedic for over 10 years. I wish that I had been supplied with a big stack of these newspapers. I would have given them away frequently. The folks at “Need Help Now” will allow you to use their file for free if you want to change it for your church, and they are beginning to sell advertising. Also, they have some ways that youth groups and others can deliver these newspapers door-to-door as a fundraiser. The bottom line is that this is a wonderful resource that is providing real help to people in desperate trouble. Visit their website to read their story, and download the paper. I would recommend that you find a way to support them. I keep a stack of them in my briefcase and give them away when I meet people who need help that I cannot provide.

Their website:

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