How Offensive! A Christian Praying in Jesus Name!

In this article from the LA Times, we see a glimpse of our culture’s view of us. Christians are allowed to exist as long as they don’t bring their convictions out of the closet. This is a really strange perspective coming from people who want to bring homosexuality into public life with full acceptance.

This article by by Duke Helfand reports that some people are up in arms over several things from Rick Warren’s prayer at Obama’s inauguration. I don’t agree with Warren on everything, but I am really glad that he didn’t sell the farm on Tuesday. Please remember that the people with their skivvies in a bunch are the people that keep telling us how accepting and inclusive we should be. What are they so upset about:

  • That a pastor would oppose homosexuality.
  • That a pastor would quote the Lord’s prayer at the inaugeration. It is so distinctly Christian.
  • And finally, that a public prayer would be offered in Jesus name.

Religion is allowed, as long as you don’t say that anyone is wrong or take a stand on moral issues. There will be more of this, and the heat is going to rise. We will have more and more opportunities to stand for truth in the coming days.

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