Liberals, Atheists Are More Highly Evolved?

Liberals, Atheists Are More Highly Evolved?

Here is an interesting article from Nat Geo. It points to some research that is obviously questionable in its approach. But it builds on the idea that our behaviors are all genetically determined. Here is a thought. We have been told that gays are that way because of genetics and that they cannot therefore be wrong or changed. If we grant that line of reason, I wonder which behaviors are really genetically determined? What if being a part of the religious right is also determined. Then of course, we have to conclude that it is neither wrong, and should not be changed. The problem with concluding that behavior is chemically or genetically determined is that it falls into the “Is-Ought” fallacy. We cannot conclude that because something is a certain way (for whatever reasons) that it should be that way. The issue of “oughtness” is a question of ethics, and cannot be determined by science alone. We must bring our philosophical and religious convictions to arrive at the conclusion that anything that “is” shouldn’t be that way.

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