If Planned Parenthood is The Sum of All Virtue, Why All The Secrecy?

In recent weeks, 3 videos have been released exposing the unethical and illegal nature of Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue practices.  But we  have been told that the disturbing nature of the videos is really just the messy reality surgical medicine. Surgeries are bloody and yucky.  And the casual way the doctors talk about surgery is disturbing to the lay person. “My goodness! I almost passed out when I saw my own surgery!”

If this is all it is, then why then a gag order? (Pursued by Stemexpress) There has been the unofficial media blackout on this issue, and for now a judge has prevented the release of any future videos. Why all this maneuvering if Planned Parenthood is simply about women’s health? Why not parade all that they are doing if it is so virtuous and beneficial? If no one is profiting from the sale of human organs and tissues, why not open up the books and let the world see?

Planned Parenthood supporter Camille Paglia called attention to the media black out and why it is so dangerous:

“Now let me give you a recent example of the persisting insularity of liberal thought in the media.  When the first secret Planned Parenthood video was released in mid-July, anyone who looks only at liberal media was kept totally in the dark about it, even after the second video was released.  But the videos were being run nonstop all over conservative talk shows on radio and television.  It was a huge and disturbing story, but there was total silence in the liberal media.  That kind of censorship was shockingly unprofessional.  The liberal major media were trying to bury the story by ignoring it.  Now I am a former member of Planned Parenthood and a strong supporter of unconstrained reproductive rights.  But I was horrified and disgusted by those videos and immediately felt there were serious breaches of medical ethics in the conduct of Planned Parenthood officials.” (Salon, emphasis mine)
Oh, and BTW Planned Parenthood didn’t show up for their own senate hearing in Texas to testify.  If everything is amazing, and they are helping women live extraordinary lives why not show up with fanfare and announce it from the rooftops? Why not rejoice that other groups are calling attention to all your noble deeds? Why not thank them for the opportunity to set the record straight? If I were pro-choice, I would have great reasons for my position and I would everone to see and hear the unvarnished truth. I would be confused by all the skulking cloak and dagger stuff.

Besides, Americans are used to watching medical dramas, hacker films, and surgery on live TV.  If this is just “medicine unfiltered,” why does it need to be hidden?  Why can’t you allow the American people to see the whole business? The Center for Medical Progress (the one’s gagged by the court order) have released the full videos of their undercover episode.  They clearly want all the cards on the table.  Why have your PR firm tell major networks NOT to run the footage?

The answer is simple and disturbing.  The things that they are doing can only be done behind a veil. The veil of euphemisms and distraction. The veil of lies and misinformation that we have seen this week.  Every attempt has been made by the abortion industry to keep their business in the dark, and to suppress anyone who would dare reveal it.  And yet we hear the continual parade of comments from Planned Parenthood and their posse that their work is so noble, so essential to the happiness of women.  If this is true why not let it out in the sunshine? Why not let women see the whole thing? Something doesn’t fit. Someone is lying.

Edited photo courtesy of Katie Tegtmeyer Some rights reserved