When Killing Becomes The Most Convenient Option

Paralympian Claims Canada Offered to euthanize her when she asked for a chair lift.

When you make killing people a legal option for difficult cases, then taking a life becomes the most convenient option. And the truth is there are times where the death of another person is more convenient for other people. You are not supposed to say that, but it is true. So once you open the door to legalized killing, then the person who doesn’t want to comply with the killing appears to be stubborn, committed to a path that is more difficult for everyone else. The history of modern assisted suicide is that it is sold as a compassionate option for the most desperate situations, and then grows into a way to remove inconvenient and suffering people from our lives so that we don’t have to be inconvenienced.

The stories coming out of Canada are shocking. Medical killing will save health care dollars. Medical killing will provide more organ donations. Doctors encouraged to offer this treatment before patients even ask about it. I have a friend that suffers from severe depression. When they reached out for help they couldn’t get a psychiatry appointment for 3 months, but were offered immediate assisted suicide as an answer. (BTW, I have changed a few details in that story to guard the identity of the friend). But the truth is the same. For government bureaucrats, providing healthcare is more trouble than killing the person.