Poetry Reveals All Kinds of Things–Marital Strife is Nothing New


I like to read poetry now and then. It brings some peace and satisfaction to my mind.  But I am reluctant to act like a true poetry enthusiast.  I am not good at reading or finishing longer, epic poems. Maybe some day I will grow up. But for now, with my short attention span, I enjoy bite size verse. So I found this cheap kindle book of short poems. The poem below is a good example of how to write a beautiful poem about a dark subject.  It reminded me that strife in marriage is an old game.

A Reasonable Affliction

Matthew Prior (1664—1721)
On his death-bed poor Lubin lies:

His spouse is in despair;

With frequent cries, and mutual sighs,

They both express their care.


“A different cause,” says Parson Sly,

“The same effect may give:

Poor Lubin fears that he may die;

His wife, that he may live.”

Monday Morning Haiku- Friendship

Conversation Haiku

I wrote these after our son unexpected stopped by our home.  He attends a nearby university and we hadn’t seen him in a little while (about a week, I know that is not long, but it still feels long when you enjoy your children). Our conversation volleyed back and forth like a good tennis match. These poems are as much about conversation as friendship. Is there really much of a difference?

Haiku 3.23.15

Together Again

Conversation flows

Between friends after a break

Catching up on life.

-mtroupe 2015



Words share life and love

Friends speak of things that moved them

While they were apart.

-mtroupe 2015


Soul Food

Stories delight us

Nourishing the souls of friends

Bringing joy to life.

-mtroupe 2015

Edited photo used by permission of Kathleen Conklin. Some rights reserved

Monday Morning Haiku- Power Outage

Candle graphic

Haiku 3.16.15

The power was out at our house for 3-4 hours last night, starting at dusk.  Even our cell internet connection was affected. We sat and read together and it was enjoyable. But it was a reminder of how completely dependent we are on technology, and how that even impacts our relationships.

What Now?

A power outage

Darkness. No lights. No Wi-Fi

Candles lit the room

-mtroupe 2015


The power went out

We sat together and read

Candlelight glowing

-mtroupe 2015


Ancient people lived

Without electricity

But we forgot how

-mtroupe 2015


Without light, dusk brings

An end to the work of Day

Now rest, talk, and sleep

-mtroupe 2015