Brian Regan Live

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I saw Brian Regan live in Visalia. It was a Christmas present to her with a little delay on it.  We have been fans of his comedy for many years.  It is common to hear his jokes quoted around the Troupe house.  You should definitely go see him if his tour comes near you.  Most of his older stuff is available on Youtube and Netflix. He is a clean comedian that is truly funny without being cliched, forced, or cheesy. My life is better off because of his humor 🙂

You can find tour info on his page here at

His routine included an hour of completely new material. We saw Jim Gaffigan several years ago and he was good but much of his routine was recycled content. Still good, but nothing fresh on that occasion.  During the encore Regan did 20 minutes of older stuff by request. People in the crowd actually brought signs and held them up with their requests, like fans at a football game.  He did his bit on getting a hearing test at the end. It was fantastic.

Some thoughts:

  • The Fox theater in Visalia was great. Nice venue.  It felt intimate. Go early, there lots of restaurants and pubs within walking distance.  And also, there is a Hobby Lobby near by. The wife insisted we stop and browse.
  • His humor is contagious. At the end of 80 minutes I was still laughing with the little strength I had left.
  • His observations on people and politics are always genius and very quotable. He is great at the set-up and has wonderful comedic timing in his live show. Several times in the past on his recorded sessions he seemed rushed because of the TV time table. This was not a factor and made a difference.

How Do You Face Cancer When Your Job Is To Make People Laugh?

Best of Times-2

What is it like when your child has cancer? Sad. Confusing. Exhausting. Unbearable.

What is like when your child has cancer, and your job is to make people laugh? How does a comedian cope with tragedy?

This is a very moving story, told by Anthony Griffith the comedian about the time in his life when his career was at his highest, while at the same time coping with his daughter’s cancer.

Very powerful. Some strong language. Makes you think about what is truly important.

It often takes an episode of tragedy or loss to wake us up to what is important. But, the most important things are still right there in front of us when everyone is healthy. A word to the wise…

The camera is shaky for the first minute, but it settles down. A good use of 10 minutes of your life.

Seth’s Blog: Fear of Public Speaking

bored dog

Seth’s Blog: Fear of public speaking.

Want to get over your fear of public speaking? Seth Godin recommends you start small and consider giving your speech to your dog (or some dogs) for starters.  Brilliant!

His blog posts and books are consistently challenging to me, even though I don’t always agree.  One of the best things is that he doesn’t ramble. His blog posts are often short and direct.


Photo Used by Permission Joshme17. Some rights reserved

Poem on Heaven and Humility

I found this poem, a clever way to articulate the mystery…..

I dreamt death came the other night
And heaven’s gate swung wide.
With kindly grace an angel came
And ushered me inside:
And there to my astonishment
Stood folk I’d known on earth,
Some I had judged as quite unfit
Or but of little worth:
Indignant words rose to my lips
But never were set free,
For every face showed stunned surprise

Len Dean