Poem on Heaven and Humility

I found this poem, a clever way to articulate the mystery…..

I dreamt death came the other night
And heaven’s gate swung wide.
With kindly grace an angel came
And ushered me inside:
And there to my astonishment
Stood folk I’d known on earth,
Some I had judged as quite unfit
Or but of little worth:
Indignant words rose to my lips
But never were set free,
For every face showed stunned surprise

Len Dean

2 thoughts on “Poem on Heaven and Humility

  1. Hi Matt, I had carried this poem inmy bible for years, and then it waseither lost or I misplaced it. I had been thinking about it for a couple months and decided to see ifI could find it on google. I typed in “No one expected Me” plus poem plus heaven and the first one I clicked on was it!! Coincidence? I don’t think so. Anyway, thanks for posting it. It will go back in my Bible.

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