You Can’t Slow Things Down by Speeding Up – Or- You Need Time To Delegate

The problem with being over-busy is that you might actually get more done. But this only lasts for a brief period of time at the beginning. But invariably the rushing/exhausted pace leads to bad decisions and the inability to make judgments about what is really important. This is the lesson I am trying to work out in my own life.

Here is more fuel for the fire on this whole discussion:

“If I take some time off – on a holiday, over the weekend, or even just not checking mail in the evening after closing time – my decisions get better. I don’t just keep grinding it out, trying to get strategic by processing ever more detail. I start to notice what is really important so I can leave the rest, or delegate it to someone more qualified or more motivated to do that thing.

“When running at full tilt I don’t even have time to think of passing it off to others.  I’ve seen this over and over again in my work with people leading teams. Things are stuck not because there is no one to do them, but because the person who has them on their plate doesn’t have (or take) the time to clarify who should be doing them.”

Source: You Can’t Slow Things Down by Speeding Up – Next Action Associates

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Slow Things Down by Speeding Up – Or- You Need Time To Delegate

  1. Great. I wish I could apply that more in my life. Used to call it the tyranny of the urgent. Hope you too will be able to apply more of that delegating — not to me, but all around.

  2. Thanks, I think this is going to be a life long process to figure this out. The book Essentialism by Greg McKeown has been helpful

  3. I used to work according to fit Japanese company standards which meant arriving before my boss, leading by example at all times by getting my hands dirty in the factory (not just staying in the office), and ensuring I left after my boss. This equated to a 60-70 hour work week on salary! This was really not sustainable and I became to think there was a great deal of waste in it.

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